The Sound Oasis

Private “surround sound” sessions


Sound Therapy Sessions

Private sessions incorporating gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls and essential oils.

Gong Meditations

Meditate to the power of the Planetary Gongs.


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Good Scents Essential Care Kits®

Each Good Scents kit contains a customized set of products.

What Clients Are Saying

Maren’s work with archetypal astrology and sound therapy enables a healing on a much deeper level.  Each session brings a new vitality, both physical and emotionally, as years old blockages melt away and new perspectives emerge.  Physically I feel a new vitality, but emotionally and spiritually, the effects are even better — years’-old blockages have melted away, and I can see things with a whole new perspective.

I came to Maren in search of relief from the chronic pain I had been experiencing since my foot surgery eleven months ago. My sessions with Maren included application of essential oils and a complete Acutonics treatment guided by her archetypal cosmology perspective. Maren’s approach to this work absolutely accelerates the healing process on all levels.

“I purchased a set of Chakra oils to use in my Reiki practice, meditation, and for Chakra healing. My personal benefit has been with the Throat Chakra oil. This oil has helped me to relax and open this Chakra, allowing me to hold an otherwise stressful conversation in a relaxed, gentle manner. These wonderful oils have truly been an excellent addition to both my practice and my personal life.”

Thank you for your outstanding chakra oils. I have been using them over the past year, and have found them very valuable in deepening and enhancing bodywork, massage, and sound healing sessions.

Clients love the Chakra oils. I observe, and clients report, that the speed at which they enter relaxation is quickened when oils are used. Watching them take in the scents is fascinating. The client’s body-mind quickly calms and grounds. Individuals report, and I have noticed, that layers of tension release more rapidly and/or just peel away. Overall response to sessions is enhanced, and clients report that effects last longer when the oils are used.

I’ve been enjoying an amazing experience using the Chakra Kit for yoga. Before class I select a chakra and apply it to the chakra area. During the yoga practice I focus on that chakra and its energies. It is truly powerful. Catching the scent of the oil during the practice is not only pleasant, but it is an instant reminder to focus on the opening and release of energy of the specific chakra. The oils are magical!

Your Chakra Oil Kit is amazing! Each blend smells heavenly! The first day I got them I used the Third Eye Chakra Oil on the corresponding chakra point on my forehead before I started my meditation that night. I went into such a long, deep meditation! I’ve used the others since and they really work! Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

The Muscle Gels are amazing! Both the Muscle Soothe and the Muscle Melt work wonders with my massage clients. I personally love the Muscle Soothe as it is a miracle worker for low back pain and tight muscles in general. The gel is penetrating and glides on easily.

“Acutonics® is an elegant way to deeply affect the body in a nurturing and therapeutic way. It is comfortable for the practitioner while allowing clients to be at ease, as if riding a healing wave of bliss.”