Maren and ChloeMaren Good, MA, LMT, is an aromatherapist and sound therapist. For over ten years, Maren has been integrating the health and wellness benefits of essential oils with the use of intentional sound into all facets of her personal and professional life. She incorporated her business, Good Scents, in 2001 in order to offer her aromatherapy products to the general public. Her enthusiasm to expand the awareness of ways essential oils can be easily incorporated into our lives, Maren began teaching aromatherapy; starting with her own massage class in 2002. She has taught at the Therapeutic Massage and Training Center (TMTC) in Westfield, NJ, and The Graduate Institute in Connecticut, introducing colleagues in the Integrated Health and Healing masters program to the efficacy of essential oils. Maren is an approved continuing education provider with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and has designed 1, 2 and 3-day classes in aromatherapy that offer continuing education hours. Her first love is sitting among the magical oils in her office; blending, creating and sharing the products with others; many of these creations are available here on this site.

A passion and calling for Maren is her work with sound. As a certified practitioner of Acutonics® and senior faculty member with the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, she maintains a practice as well as teaches the complete certification program. She currently teaches in Scotch Plains, NJ, and has taught about the power of sound at TMTC; The Graduate Institute; as well as having taught at The Swedish Institute and The Open Center in NYC. Having explored alternative healing modalities, including energy medicine, since the 1970’s, when Maren was introduced to the use of tuning forks, and specifically planetary tuning forks, there was no question of the profound nature of this work and its ability to be integrated into many therapies, including Maren’s reflexology practice. During her training in this field, she was introduced to the Paiste Planetary Gongs. Maren and her husband now have the full complement of planetary gongs and, in addition to Maren using them with private clients, they offer community gong meditations. When people ask Maren how she got started “collecting” the gongs, the response is always: “After being surrounded by the gongs as part of an advanced 10-day training, I knew to the core of my being that people, and our planet, need to hear and feel the resonant frequencies of these remarkable works of sonic art” … and regular gong meditations, offered in Westfield, and featured in other special events, were born. The meditations have continued uninterrupted for 9 years on each solstice and equinox.