Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology benefitsA reflexology session can be as relaxing and restful as a full body massage.

What It Is

Reflexology is a fascinating science, a gentle art, and an extremely effective form of complementary therapy. Modern reflexology is credited in large part to the American Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham. She is known for mapping the reflex points upon which today’s reflexology is based. These reflex points are “reflections” of the body, and their locations and relationships to each other follow a logical anatomical pattern that closely resembles that of the body itself. Reflexology has become a precisely defined body of knowledge based on this principle, and the standards for reflexology and its practice are governed by the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. Reflexology helps to:

  • Balance the body’s energy flow
  • Aid in circulation and detoxification
  • Assist muscular and nerve function

The calming and energy balancing effects of this technique can be beneficial to the emotions as well as the whole body. With the application of reflexology techniques, several different reflex actions occur causing a deep relaxation response. Relaxation of the mind and body eases tension and allows healing to occur. Acting as the mediator for your body and mind, an opportunity is created for your own powers of healing to become effective.

How it Works

Reflexology elicits a deep and profound relaxation of the entire body. Reflexology works because the feet provide direct access for assessing and re-conditioning the body’s overall response to stress. The feet gather and relay information to the rest of the body, and through the reflex areas provide a window into the dynamic state of tension that exists among all body parts. Reflexology interrupts unhealthy stress patterns and establishes the body’s homeostasis, its natural balancing system. Regular reflexology sessions provide a re-education for the body’s stress patterns into conditions that create less wear and tear on the body.

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Sound Therapy Benefits

zodiacThe Acutonics System incorporates the use of precision calibrated tuning forks based on the orbital properties of the sun, earth, moon and planets, each representing a specific vibratory range or frequency and carrying its own unique properties. The tuning forks are applied directly to acupuncture points, chakras, and points of pain to access the body’s core energetic systems in a noninvasive way. By combining two forks together a specific musical interval is created with its own quality of character, properties and therapeutic applications. For example, when the Mars and Venus tuning forks are combined they create a musical 5th. Not only is the 5th an opening and expanding musical interval, this particular combination also represents a balance between yin and yang, male and female, head and heart. Each interval used in a session has its own distinctive therapeutic characteristics.

The human body is approximately 70% water; our bones and marrow contain nearly 25% water, and sound travels four times faster in water than in air, thus the human body becomes a natural resonator for sound. At the most basic level, we know that certain music can invoke joy, bring on sadness, reduce stress, or keep us going on the elliptical trainer, with its steady rhythmic beat. The use of music for relaxation and stress reduction has been studied extensively. But perhaps more difficult to prove is that music also helps us to connect on a profound level to the heavens. If you’ve ever sung in a choir, the very nature of voices blended together lifts you to new heights.

Think for a moment about how you feel physically when your ears are assaulted by harsh or abrasive sounds, a jackhammer in the street, the screech of a fingernail on a blackboard, a car alarm that won’t quit. Do these sounds make you edgy? Contrast that with listening to a symphonic orchestra, playing Handel’s Messiah, or choral voices singing the Halleluiah chorus, and how that can bring about a sense of peace or joy, or invoke memories of holiday gatherings.
It is this growing recognition of the power that music and sound play in therapy, healing, and life that has given rise to the rapidly growing professional fields of Sound Healing and Music Therapy.

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Tuning Essential Oils with Sound

Using specific planetary intervals I tune my essential oil blends, harmonizing them with the Music of the Spheres and incorporating the Hermetic Principle “as above, so below.” Using sound raises the frequency of the blends so that they can speak to us at a cellular level and prepare us for the accelerated times in which we are living.

Music Responds to MozartHidden Messages in Water 

“Our body is made up of as many as 60 trillion cells. Our body is the harmony played by these cells. The harmony of the music played by an orchestra can reach each and every cell of our body and thus contribute to our health. Water responded to beautiful pieces of music by forming elegant crystals.”

— Masaru Emoto

hemoglobinCrystallized Human Hemoglobin

Beautiful sacred geometrical gem-like shapes reveal themselves when our bodies’ hemoglobin molecules are photographed and magnified. These were photographed and published in the 1970s as part of a photographic exploration of nature’s architecture showing the fundamental building blocks of the human microcosm.

Photo from NASAHexagon Over Saturn

And looking beyond our inner space, this geometric shape was discovered 26 years ago over Saturn’s north pole. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory: “It’s unbelievable. The 15,000-mile-wide feature appears to be some sort of deep-seated standing wave, through which other things move without changing the wave pattern. It also appears to be in sync with the planet’s quick 10-and-a-half-hour rotation.” It has remained fixed since first discovered.
Photo from NASA

Looking at our hemoglobin and Saturn’s hexagon, they echo and call to remembrance “As Above, So Below” as stated in one of Hermes Trismegistus 7 universals principles, the Law of Correspondence.

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Musically Speaking

Article Musically SpeakingUsing the voice in vocal expression, toning, chanting, harmonics and mantra all have the potential for therapeutic effects on the body and mind. Through the intentional use of these ancient sound technologies, we physically move energy within our body and psyche and are engaging fundamental principles of sound. One of these principles is harmonic resonance. Resonance is the ability of a vibration to reach out and activate a similar vibration in another body. The cells in our body are sound resonators and respond to sounds outside as well as inside the body. Participating in group chant, chanting on one’s own, working with healing mantras, toning the chakra sounds are all intentional opportunities to sonically activate and charge the body. This is truly wonderful medicine for oneself and the world.

I want to consider the more mundane use of our voice in daily conversations. How does the idea of harmonic resonance, the reaching out and activating another body, play out in daily activities. Can another level of the intentional use of sound occur in our conversations with one another and become healing opportunities. We are rhythmical bodies. We have continual internal pulsations, and we have external rhythms in how we move about in the world; the cadence of our walk, arms and legs swinging like synchronized pendulums, the melodic gestures accompanying our speech. When we interact with others, our personal rhythms influence one another. This ability of one rhythm to draw another into resonance is called entrainment.

In Layne Redmond’s book, “When the Drummers Were Women” she offers an insightful description of the rhythm of communication as entrainment. She says: “… language is structured rhythmically with body movement. To communicate successfully, people must be able to adjust the tempos of their expression to one another. When people converse, they interact in complex rhythms almost like a dance. The harmonious entrainment of their conversational rhythms allows each person to listen and respond at the right intervals, instead of overlapping or interrupting the other person or coming in too late. When a person’s rhythm is continually disrupted or suppressed, the effect can be severe, leading to boredom, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, anger.”

So, the next time you are in a conversation with someone, pay attention to this concept of entrainment. Are you listening, or preparing what you want to say next? Are you feeling the harmonious interaction of true communication that brings about peace, pleasure, understanding … true communion. Conversations can be healing moments when we open ourselves to the harmonic resonance that naturally exists – within us, around us and even between us.

— Published in Holistic Healing Journal, September 5, 2010


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Your Key Note

Article Your Key NoteSummer! A perfect time to open up to the song of life. Music is everywhere – from songs of birds and crickets to trees sighing in the wind to our body’s own harmonious inner workings. A harmonious body is a healthy body; in tune with itself and in harmonic resonance with the natural world.

Harmony, resonance, being in tune, music and health share a language. Much as a chord has a fundamental tone or “tonic” we, too, have a key note that creates the basis for our own musical body. This key note is the frequency or tone at which we tend to resonate; it is the “Ohm” tone. It is the sound of our earth home, the primordial vibration shared with nature. The energy of our actions, thoughts, words, emotions create unique vibrations which activate sympathetic resonant tones. Whereas harmonic resonance is defined as the frequency at which a body tends to resonate, sympathetic resonance is the response of a passive body to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness. These sympathetic vibrations are known in music as overtones. An overtone is the note that has a frequency or pitch that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency (your key note). The sounding body’s natural resonance (you) produces a unique set of overtones which gives the source (you) its quality. And so we create our own musical universe. Our intentions (positive or negative) set up sympathetic vibrations and create either harmony or dis-harmony, resonance or dissonance. (Think of an experience where you didn’t “resonate” with someone and how that felt.)

There is a natural state of harmony between us and nature. It is through our sympathetic vibrations that we find ourselves resonating harmoniously with the world around us. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research has shown by raising the pitch of the human voice 3 octaves, we sound remarkably like birds; raising the pitch 8 octaves, we sound just like chirping crickets, speeded up more we sound like dolphins. Slow down nature sounds and you get dolphins sounding like birds and crickets sounding like a choir.

Sound recordings made from “Ion Acoustic Waves” captured by Voyager as it passed by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune sound remarkably like dolphins, crickets, birds and human singing.

So, listen to the music within and around us – our bodies, our world, even our planets – and tune in to a deep level of relaxation, harmony and healing.


— Published in Holistic Healing Journal, July 5, 2010

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The Planetary Gongs and Meditation

No longer for ears…: sound
which, like a deeper ear,
hears us, who only seem
to be hearing. Reversal of spaces.
Projection of innermost worlds
into the Open…, temple
before their birth, solution
saturated with gods
that are almost insoluble…: Gong!
Sum of all silence, which
acknowledges itself to itself,
thunderous turning-within
of what is struck dumb in itself,
duration pressed from time passing,
star re-liquefied…: Gong!
You whom one never forgets,
who gave birth to herself in loss,
festival no longer grasped,
wine on invisible lips,
storm in the pillar that upholds,
wanderer’s plunge on the path,
our treason, to everything…: Gong!
— Rainier Maria Rilke

Back CameraGongs were among the first musical instruments to be made and played by humans. There are creation myths that honor the gong as the emanation sounding the earth into being.

The Paiste Planet Gongs, according to the gong makers at Paiste: “resemble Symphonic Gongs in character, but feature a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other planets as calculated by Hans Cousto. Planet Gongs resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the “music of the spheres.” Mysterious in sound color, Planet Gongs convey an unusual atmosphere.”

The gongs emit complex and shimmering vibrations that support the body’s natural frequencies to promote optimal health at a deep level. When sounded, we physically connect to their strength and power. The gongs resonate at a primal, archetypal level which communicates universally.

How does meditating with the “Music of the Spheres” expressed through the planetary gongs affect us? To answer this, a figure emerges from the mists of time: Hermes Trismegistus, ancient mystic, philosopher and alchemist, who gave us the Seven Hermetic Principles that include the law “As Above, So Below.” This means we are a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. The harmony of the spheres is not external to us but is our inner music.

Planetary gong meditations are an opportunity to remember and re-tune us to our own natural harmonic signature. The gongs strike a resonance deep within us, drawing us into a state of grace. A meditation with the planetary gongs offers us a moment to experience a greater sense of peace and place in the cosmic scheme… which is at its core a harmonic and musical universe.
— Published in Holistic Healing Journal, April 5, 2010

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The Power of Sound

Article Power of SoundIt is said that we live in a musical universe. In the Elegant Universe, physicist Brian Greene writes: “Music has long since provided the metaphors of choice for those puzzling over questions of cosmic concern. From the Pythagorean “music of the spheres” to the “harmonies of nature” that have guided inquiry through the ages, we have collectively sought the song of nature in the gentle wanderings of celestial bodies and the riotous fulminations of subatomic particles.”1

In the 1950’s astronomer Margaret Burbidge and her colleagues proved that we really are made of stardust. They verified that the calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood and the oxygen we breathe all came from the ashes of ancient stars.2

Now, consider that sound waves travel four times faster through water than air and that our bodies are composed of 70 to 80 percent water. This makes us a perfect cosmic conductor of sound. So here we are, vibrating bodies at a point between subatomic particles and celestial bodies.

In the 1620’s Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion and calculated the velocities of the planets around the Sun. And last century Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto transposed the velocities into sound frequencies (hertz). Using the “Law of Octaves”3these frequencies were translated into the musical notes that fall within the range of human hearing. It is this harmony of the cosmos that we invite into the realm of healing; attuning the body, mind and soul to these heavenly harmonies…the “Music of the Spheres.” These tones are the basis of the Paiste Planetary Gongs and Acutonics® planetary tuning forks that resonate at these frequencies. The tones, overtones and undertones that are generated by these instruments create sympathetic vibrations whose harmonic resonant patterns interact within our bodies and help us to sonically reset negative patterns, from cellular to muscular, from mental to emotional and spiritual. When the frequencies and intervals of planetary tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points, gateways, muscles and tissues, our bodies and souls connect with these cosmic tones and provide access to a deep inner balance.From the subatomic to the cosmic, sound healing is a call to remembrance.

The work is powerful and profound; it has the capacity to relieve chronic and debilitating illnesses and imbalances of the psyche and soul by realigning and re-harmonizing us with the greater cycles and rhythms of the universe.

1The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, W.W. Norton & Co., 1999
2The Smithsonian Magazine, “Margaret Burbidge, Stars, quasars, supernovae, galaxies – if it’s out of this world, she has seen it,” Article by Marcia Bartusiak, November 2005
3The Cosmic Octave, Cousto, Hans, Life Rhythm, 2000
There’s No Place Like Ohm, Carey, Donna, DeMuynck, Marjorie, Devachon Press, 2002
– Published in the Holistic Healing Journal, Dec. 5, 2009 edition

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The Planetary Gongs, The Music of the Spheres and Meditation

Article Planetary gongs, MOS and MeditationPaiste gongs are handmade symphonic quality gongs that come from generations of experienced gong masters who deeply understand the art of gong making. Every gong is made to exacting specifications. The Planet Gongs, according to the gong makers at Paiste: “resemble Symphonic Gongs in character, but feature a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other planets as calculated by Hans Cousto. Planet Gongs resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the “music of the spheres”. Mysterious in sound color, Planet Gongs convey an unusual atmosphere.”

The gongs composition is Nickel Silver which is a metal alloy of copper with nickel and often, but not always, zinc. Nickel Silver is named for its silvery appearance, but contains no elemental silver unless plated. Many alloys fall within the general term of “nickel silver” but they all contain copper and nickel, with some formulations including zinc, antimony, tin, lead or cadmium.

Historically, gongs were among the first musical instruments to be made and played by humans. There are creation myths that honor the gong as the emanation that sounded the earth into being. Their rich resonance, unique sound signature, and responsiveness allow one to deeply experience the remarkable undertones and overtones; tones which represent the Music of the Spheres.

What is the Music of the Spheres
The Music of the Spheres is something that has been written about by poets, writers and visionaries as far back as Pythagoras.

Some of us may only recall Pythagoras and his mathematical Pythagorean Theorem. But delving a little deeper into his life reveals far more than that. It was Pythagoras’ concept that we live in a musical universe. He saw music as number and the cosmos as music. He distinguished three sorts of music in his philosophy: musica instrumentalis, the ordinary music made by plucking the lyre, blowing the pipe, etc; musica humana, the continuous and unheard music made by every human organism, especially the harmonious resonance between the soul and body; and musica mundane, the music made by the cosmos itself, which would come to be known as the Music of the Spheres.

Who hears this music, you may ask? It is said that the sound is in our ears from the very moment of birth and is indistinguishable from its contrary silence. How did Pythagoras know of this sound? He heard it in deep meditation; and according to the tradition of the White Brotherhood (the followers of Pythagoras after his death), some can hear and comprehend the celestial harmonies. Poets through the ages tell us this harmony can be heard by purged ears and by those who are in communion.

This Music of the Spheres was heard by another in the not so distant past; Johannes Kepler (16th – 17th century astronomer). Kepler heard the music of the spheres as a palpable symphony in his ears, just as Pythagoras had. In one of his books, The Harmony of the Universe, Kepler reconciled the elliptical paths of the heavenly bodies and using extreme values and ratios, was able to construe the entire musical scale. He discovered that each of the planets has its own scale and set out to construct a celestial chord to unite the songs of all the planets. Kepler’s great synthesis, the most ambitious and comprehensive description of the Music of the Spheres ever attempted, was completed in 1618.

But it wasn’t until the 1900’s that Hans Cousto, a German mathematician and scientist, gave us the transposition of Kepler’s mathematical formulas for the movement of the planets into audible rhythms and sounds. Cousto used the law of the octave to accomplish this – an integral aspect of the law of harmony. He combined age-old teachings of harmonics with new findings in physics and other sciences. Cousto took these mathematical calculations and transposed them into musical tones. These transposed tones are what you are hearing when you listen to the Paiste Planetary Gongs.

Of interest are the NASA space probe recordings made by Voyager I & II and other probes. The recorded signatures made by the Earth and other planetary bodies as they travel through space have been translated into audible sound. Pythagoras’ “Music of the Spheres” is now an audible reality.

Meditating with the Gongs

So how do the “Music of the Spheres” and the planetary gongs that capture this concept affect us? To answer this, another figure emerges from the mists of time, Hermes Trismegistus, who gave us several universal principles (The Hermetic Tradition) which include the dictum, “As Above, So Below.” What this means to us is that we are a microcosm that is a reflection of the macrocosm. This harmony of the spheres is not just something external us but is our inner music as well.

The planetary gongs offer us an opportunity to remember, to allow their harmonic sounds to not only attune us with the greater cosmic tones, but to also allow them to strike a resonance deep within us and draw forth our own music. They provide an opportunity to touch that inner music which is our birthright and that has the ability to draw us not only into a deep sense of peace but give us a connection between our inner world and the larger world. A meditation with the planetary gongs offers us a moment to experience a greater sense of place in the cosmic scheme… which is at its core a harmonic and musical universe.

Let these gongs draw you into your song that you have come here to sing!!

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