Sound Body I and II

Sound BodyTake your body work practice to the next level with the use of applied sound. You will learn simple, yet profound, applications with tuning forks and metal singing bowls. Understanding some of the principles of how sound affects us on all levels will inform tuning fork selection and placement. You will come away with the confidence to work with these tools and immediately integrate into your work.

Sound Body I: Using Sound in Your Bodywork Practice, and Sound Body II: Expanded Applications of Sound are each 2-day classes. Both classes are approved by NCBTMB for CEU’s.

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Maren has been teaching aromatherapy classes for thirteen years. The heart of aromatherapy is learning to blend the art and science of what essential oils can offer to us … whether for use in our own life or for our client’s. It is important to respect, understand and develop our own knowledge base whenever we work with essential oils. With the increasing popularization of essential oils, using them responsibly means performing our own due diligence so as not to reply just on textbook information or someone else’s recommendations. Maren’s classes are designed to guide you into the world of aromatherapy and the power of essential oils so that you can use them safely and creatively while deepening your appreciation for these gifts of nature.

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Maren teaches the complete curriculum of the Acutonics Sound Healing Practitioner Certification. Students come from many different fields; and include massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, music therapists as well as those who just want to learn to self treat or work on their friends and families. Students who begin a Level I training often find they are continuing on to the next levels with their colleagues and build a lasting bond through this work. Periodically, we gather as a larger community to share experiences, ask questions and exchange sessions. (Classes offer CE’s for massage therapists and acupuncturists.)

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